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Do you love everything router?  Is the router table your most favorite tool in the
If have mastered your router table and are looking for a whole new realm of
woodworking, you might want to check out the Legacy ornamental mill.  

This is the ultimate in woodworking with a router.  Imagine being able to turn stock
round and create unique decorative items with your router.  Legacy’s mill comes in
different sizes so that you can choose the model that best fits your budget and your
workshop.  These mills are engineered very carefully for excellent results.  No
longer do you have to rely on a lathe to make round items such as table legs.  

The mill works on a 3 axis system that mounts your router to a movable sled.  This
sled rides on aluminum rails that are indexed with gears and allow you to control
precise movement around all three axis.  Just working with the machine is fun
because you can make unique items very quickly.  Any wood can be used and your
imagination is the only limit.  Just for fun we took ordinary 2 x4’s from Home depot
and glued them together.  We then turned the stock perfectly round and put in
some decorative carvings and flutes.  An hour later we had a unique piece of
furniture (column) that no one believes came from a 2 x 4.

You can buy the mills straight from the companies website or you can purchase
them at woodworking shows where they are demonstrated.  Assembly is not a fast
event but is worthwhile and supplemented with video.
Besides a wide variety of mills,
Legacy carries a ton of
accessories that you can
purchase ala cart to suit any type
of woodworking project you have
in mind.
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